Someone left a topical surprise for the next person to remodel their bathroom

Reddit user aarontminded has been doing a spot of DIY, something that may see a boom over the next three – and probably more – weeks, as the UK joins other countries in quarantine.

He decided to place an unusual time capsule under the new flooring – one that is particularly apt, both to its location and to the times in which we live.

He left a note, explaining the circumstances – and it’s awash with puns.

It’s a bit tricky to read, so here’s the text version. You’re welcome.

“As I pen this, the great Toilet Paper Pandemic rolls on, decimating the Dow while Charmin surges. I leave you this rapidly diminishing resource as a valiant measure of solidarity.

Carry on without us, and know that in our final hours, not all of us were willing to wipe away our humanity.

I ask only that you pass on this generosity; share in the wealth bequeathed to you. Turn the other cheek as it were.

Whether you buy a yacht, a business, or a portion is given to charity, please do not allow this inheritance to ply you from the morals and ethics you know to be true.

Such unexpected splendor has a tendency to flush away what we know best. But hold fast, pay heed to your moral compass , and make that your bottom line.

Best Regards.”

Did you spot all the puns? They bowled us over.

This is what Reddit thought of Aaron’s efforts.

We can’t doff our caps enough to this comment.

A time crapsule for crap times. Makes perfect sense.


‘This is going to be so funny in 30 years time when the next guy replaces the decking’

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