12 favourite reactions to the UK’s new lockdown rules

After weeks of watching other countries impose strict sanctions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the UK finally followed suit, with the announcement of a minimum three-week-long lockdown.

The previous weak guidelines had both confused people and been ignored by large numbers of them, leaving the general public effectively mingling as usual.

The new regulations are far less stringent than those in Italy, Spain and elsewhere, because there are several circumstances in which people are allowed to leave their homes without prior permission.

They are:

Shopping for necessities, as infrequently as possible.

One form of exercise a day, such as walking, running or cycling – alone or with household members.

To provide care for a vulnerable person or to obtain medical care for themselves.

Travelling to and from work, if it is strictly necessary.

If you want to hear the actual words, here’s the Prime Minister’s statement.

The news came as something of a relief to many people, who have been following the infection and mortality statistics with growing alarm.

Amongst the serious responses were a lot of jokes – a tried and tested release of stress.