Just a perfect takedown of anyone who still doubts the worth of washing your hands

Hard to believe we know but there are some people out there who aren’t washing their hands enough. Not only that, they’re not washing their hands because they don’t believe it does any good.

Should you run into any of these people then this is the perfect response. It’s a well-informed, perfectly-worded delight.

And just in case you were wondering about the details …

‘Can we get some fact checkers up in here because her whole tweet could be nonsense and we wouldn’t even know it.’ asgfgh2

‘Some viruses, including Covid-19, and I believe the both the entire coronavirus family and most or all seasonal flus, do indeed have a lipid bilayer (enveloped viruses) that is disrupted by soap, inactivating the virus. However, many other viruses do not have such a layer (nonenveloped viruses), such as poliovirus, rotovirus, and norovirus; and both soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer have a much more limited effect on those.’ AccomplishedCoffee

Just need to get a fact checker to check the fact checker now. Anyone?


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