Forget Mike Ashley – this hilarious home gym sketch shows you can get fit without kit

The UK is now on lockdown, apart from when buying essentials, working if necessary, caring for someone, or taking exercise, and only essential businesses will remain open.

Mike Ashley thinks Sports Direct is an essential business and should be allowed to trade, because it helps the country stay fit and well, but nobody needs to buy fancy equipment – they can use the things around them.

This sketch from comedian Ignacio Lopez proves it.

That’s the kind of make do and mend spirit that the “Coronavirus is like the Blitz” brigade would be proud of, although we struggle to picture Godfrey Bloom doing Ignacio’s workout. Or Mike Ashley for that matter.

These people, however …they’ll be all over it like a virus on a public door handle.

If the Get In Shape song is already an earworm, you could be hearing it again, because this happened.

Never mind Joe Wicks – we should all be doing our PE lessons to this. In your face, Mike Ashley.


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Source Ignacio Lopez Image Ignacio Lopez