A politician compared the coronavirus to the Blitz and got shot down in flames

Former UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom, is one of the most reliable characters on the British political scene, because he can always be relied upon to say and do outrageous things that show him to have some seriously outdated and unpleasant views.

Examples include:

The time he referred to women as sluts – in the original sense of being bad at housework – and said they should clean behind their fridges.

When he hit Michael Crick with a UKIP party conference brochure for asking why the people on it were all white.

Describing countries to which the UK sent aid as “Bongo Bongo Land.

As the government told people to stay away from pubs, clubs and restaurants, Bloom became the 17.4 millionth person to compare the fight against Covid-19 with World War II, when he made this comment.

His not-so-hot take went down as well as you’d expect, and Twitter was flooded with reactions like these.










Plot twist:

Author and radio presenter, James O’Brien, was understandably bemused by the phenomenon of people defying calls for social distancing when the awful repercussions are clear.

He shared this depressing reflection.


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