Michael Spicer has news about a deadly contagion – no, not that one

We’re used to seeing Michael Spicer give futile instructions from the room next door, or demonstrate how James Bond might behave if he were Matt Hancock, as well as in many other hilarious performances.

It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s a firm favourite on Twitter, but this performance showed how unpleasant he could be, if he were to contract a very deadly illness – “T0553R”.

We knew he had acting skills, but we didn’t know they were so utterly convincing. It just shows, that anyone can be susceptible to T0553R.

The transformation was shown a lot of love.

Journalist Poorna Bell had a really important question …

to which there was only one suitable response.


Michael Spicer does “Matt Hancock as James Bond in Casino Royale”

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