Bob Mortimer and Matt Berry took Train Guy straight off the rails

It’s a special treat when Bob Mortimer posts one of his superbly cringeworthy Train Guy sketches, with his all-too-realistic business-speak and entitled air, as he chats to Col about Geoff Linton.

What we’ve never seen is another one of the team – until now. Not only have we got a glimpse of the Geoff Linton, but it turns out he’s voiced by comedy legend, Matt Berry.

Could Train Guy really be called Dick? Of course, Col got to hear the upshot of their conversation.

The revelation blew people away.

BBC Sports Correspondent Natalie Pirks posted a deep and meaningful truth.

The next government update had better be to announce that Dick, Geoff and Col are the new cabinet.


Bob Mortimer’s latest Train Guy might be his best yet

Source Bob Mortimer Image Bob Mortimer @chrisyangchrisfilm on Unsplash