Chris Grayling is to lead the Intelligence Committee – this is not a drill

Serial political failure, Chris Grayling, has been appointed head of the Intelligence Committee, which many are saying is an oxymoron. It’s certainly some kind of moron.

Here are some reasons why most people wouldn’t give him a job.

He cost the taxpayers £170m when the probation service had to be renationalised due to a string of catastrophic failures with his privatisation experiment.

He cost the taxpayer £47m when he hired a ferry company with no experience and no ferries for £14m, before having to pay £33m in compensation because his hiring process was unfair.

His changes to the legal aid system and court fees led to a record number of people unable to afford representation in court, criminalising and fining people later found to be innocent.

Political journalist, Ian Dunt, was stunned at Failing Grayling’s return to a fairly frontline position.

He wasn’t the only one struggling to see the logic.








Finally, Nigel Nicholson saw through the thought process.


This newspaper profile of Chris Grayling is brutal but the correction is the most devastating bit

Source Ian Dunt Image Telegraph and Mail screengrabs