Handwashing with Lady Macbeth is the way forward in the fight against the coronavirus

In the battle against Covid-19, the World Health Organization has issued guidelines on effective handwashing, the best way of preventing the virus from spreading.


And don’t forget to do it for the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

Obviously, a clear and easily edited image like that was always going to be very tempting to internet comedians – and scholars.

A satirical musical duo named Fossilheads took the images and added the handwashing soliloquy by Lady Macbeth, which they posted to their Facebook page.

The clever edit came to the attention of a wider audience when it was shared on Twitter, appropriately enough, by the Reduced Shakespeare Company.

We really enjoyed these reactions.

Sunny Singh boiled it down to this:

Exactly as outlined by the WHO.


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Source Fossilheads Image Fossilheads, fiftysophomoricsummers