The takedown of this Christian anti-abortionist is heaven sent

Leading contender for takedown of the week is this exchange about abortion which began like this.

And just in case that’s tricky to read – we’re pretty sure it’s tricky to read – here it is again.

‘No, because that would mean that God planned a murder. He wouldn’t do that.’

‘Except that one time where he planned the murder of 42 children by summoning 2 bears to maul them to death for making fun of a bald man’s head in the bible (2 Kings 2:24)

‘Do you read the bible or just pretend it stays whatever you like?’

And just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘Let’s not forget that ‘flood’ that was an incredibly inelegant way of starting up a New Game on Earth.’ Zebrahawk

‘A large part of the Old Testament is God literally murdering people or ordering his chosen people to do it for him.’ beerbellybegone

‘Remember that one time God killed every first born in Egypt if the parents didn’t paint sheep’s blood above their front doors? Good times, amirite?’ beerbellybegone


The takedown of this person who defended the Bible in its entirety was sheer perfection

Source Reddit u/anoobsearcher