Mike Pence is the new US coronavirus czar and people aren’t reassured – 5 viral reactions

Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s extremely conservative Christian VP, really doesn’t exude an air of competence, apart from when compared to the actual president.

His record on health initiatives isn’t the best; as Governor of Indiana, he failed to support proposed health measures to combat the spread of HIV, leading to a large-scale outbreak, for which he failed to declare a state of emergency for so long that the problem escalated massively.

With this history, he’s not the first person you’d expect to become the coordinator of the US response to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, yet here we are.

It’s fair to say that people have exactly the low expectations of his success that you’d think.






Writer, Jesse Hawken, quite probably hit on the homophobic Pence’s favoured approach.

Because there’s always a joke, the best comment on Mike Pence’s appointment comes from his own boss.

Oh well, America – it’s been nice knowing you.


Mike Pence waiting for people to applaud is the most entertaining silence we’ve ever heard

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