“Wine with Matt O’Brien” has the wine reviews you didn’t even know you needed

Comedian Matt O’Brien has gone where few but the most self-important tend to venture – into the realms of wine reviewing – specifically cheap wine.

We can’t guarantee that his reviews are in any way useful for helping you choose a cheeky beverage, but they will give you a laugh.


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon – $3.99

2018 Chardonnay Viognier – $4.00

2018 Zinfandel – $3.69

2018 Rosé – $5.99

2014 Rioja $5 or somethin’

2017 Shiraz – $3.99

Red Crush (That’s what it says on the bottle) – $5.99

Finally, his most recent review …and his most expensive so far.

2016 Côtes de Bordeaux – $6.99

You can’t tell us that anything genuine reviewers say makes any more sense than “a bright funeral” or “a guitar full of coins”.

Comedy writer Fearless Fred had this review of the reviews.

An unconventional endorsement, but a ringing one nonetheless.


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