A disappointed parent’s own words came back to bite them

Solutions to problems posted to the question and answer forum, Quora, are provided by members of the public, who may give great advice, or they may give terrible advice.

They also may simply administer seering burns – like this one. It began with a question.

“Poor parent”, you might think, “How sad that they’re being unfairly excluded like that.” But no.

A very experienced Quora member wasn’t buying the innocent act at all.

He also did some digging, and this was the zinger.

Redditors knew what side they were on, and it wasn’t the complaining parent.

“My 15 year old daughter made a mistake (or the contraceptive failed) so now she must be forced to raise a kid for the rest of her life”. Great logic. Can’t we just let women do what they want with their bodies by now?


Peter Flom, Knocking shitty mums down a peg.


Oh man. I want to give this daughter the hugest hug and high five 😭 . Having a dad like that must have been awful. Congrats on the wedding and I’m so sorry she had to endure childhood with such an asshole.


Redditor HiYoByeK called it …

Not the hero we want, the hero we need.


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