People are laughing at the Trump fan who was fooled by this bogus Keanu

Some people can be represented very easily in avatar form, and it’s usually because they have a strong hair or glasses game, like Elton John, for example, or Donald Trump.

That kind of strong look can lead to misunderstandings, like when this antique-bike-restoring Trump supporter went to the Maryland Bike Show.

The screengrab of the now-deleted post was shared on Reddit, where people made these very entertaining comments.

I loved him in Will and Jed’s Exceptional Adventures


“Be ok to each other”


Someone tried to draw Keanu from memory


As these things tend to do, the image turned up on Twitter.

There was a plot twist.

There’s some highly paid lookalike work waiting for that man, as long as it’s for Trump supporters.


Keanu Reeves is the same age as Victor Meldrew and people don’t believe it

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