This guy wanted a coursemate to return a library book he needed and his fury is off the scale

In the first of an occasional new series, arsehole of the week is this guy who really needed a book from the library only to find out that someone else had borrowed it.

And his text efforts to get his mitts on the thing started out pretty rude and ended up plain outrageous.

Coursemate wants me to return a book I’m using,’ wrote throw_away1241 who shared the exchange Reddit.

And just a few of the comments it prompted.

‘TBH you seem to be a very patient person i would ve told that guy to go fuck him self, crash and burn 3 messages in.’ yash_chem

‘The fact that he immediately jumped to “rape” is creepy as fuck.’ Strictlyforbargain85

‘Firstly: as someone who has just finished a dissertation and handed in last Friday let me say good luck! It’s hard work but feels so amazing when you get to the finish line!

‘Second: he’s a prat. Definitely show this to the professor who recommended he reach out to you. She should know what a dickhead he is. The comment about rape was a little weird. Like why would that be the first thought he had? Something very off with him and you clearly made right decision to only meet in public.’ crookshanks9lives


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Source Reddit u/throw_away1241 Image Pixabay