Lewis Capaldi’s story about being inspired by his gran’s death is funnier than it should be

Lewis Capaldi‘s heartstring-tugging ballad Someone You Loved sounds like a classic break-up song, and we don’t doubt that many a newly single person has sobbed themselves to sleep over it, but it seems we’ve all misunderstood.

Here he is explaining how he came to write the huge hit.

Your classic death …not coming back, sort of thing.

That certainly sounds like your classic death.

Just the ticket – my gran’s dead.”

It clearly occurred to him that the anecdote was a bit odd.

London Lofty asked a highly pertinent question.

Knight or not, we can’t help feeling that Lewis Capaldi’s musical talent is a heavy loss to world of stand-up comedy.

As a treat, you can listen to Someone You Loved and think about Lewis Capaldi’s dead nan.


We love Lewis Capaldi’s sweary celebration of his debut album’s success

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