This woman selling high heels online has a very satisfying way of dealing with pervy time wasters

It’s not always (ever) straightforward selling stuff online, with people who ask stupid questions, back out at the last minute, or insist on trying to get stuff on the cheap.

Time wasters, basically.

And this person who sells high heel shoes online has a very specific type of time waster and has come up with a way of dealing with it that is 10/10.

‘When I’m selling my high heels on Marketplace,’ writes Bradders33 over on Reddit.

‘This is how I deal with dudes that pretend to want to buy my shoes to try and get some free wank bank material. This girl wasn’t born yesterday. My dog is happy to help.’

That’s right. They are modelled by her dog.

‘That’s brilliant. Can you share a picture of you wearing the shoes but looking smug because you outfoxed the perverts.’ Supersoniccyborg

‘I ain’t falling for that mate. [Whistles Murphy over].’ Bradders33

We can only hope it doesn’t attract a whole new breed of pervy time waster.

‘Plot twist – that’s what they were actually after.’ Lo-ItsBabyJesus

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Source Reddit u/Bradders33