Shelagh Fogarty took down a caller who suggested making deportations a business

LBC presenter, Shelagh Fogarty could hardly believe her ears when a caller named Bill rang in with his “brilliant” idea for cutting prison costs.

He was clearly inspired by the government’s recent deportation of a number of foreign-born British citizens for a range of spent crimes, including possession of drugs for their own use.

Listen and weep.

His theory that the UK could sentence criminals to time in foreign jails at a third of the cost of keeping them here had Shelagh branding him “daft” from the outset. Presumably because she’s not allowed to call people anything stronger on air.

She made this excellent point to Bill:

“Would you want people deported to this country because the Government thought it was a good idea for us to take in criminals?”

It failed to land, leaving her with nothing more to say to him than,

“Bill, you know this is daft. I’m not taking any more of this, it’s nonsense. It’s like meeting a drunk in a pub.”


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When the link was shared on Twitter, @cooperA86682798 suggested

I think Bill just watched Escape From New York too many times…


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