Do you have one of these lesser-known personality types?

Psychologists, and the general public, often talk in terms of a limited number of personality types – predominantly extroverted and introverted, as well as things like open, conscientious, agreeable, and neurotic.

However, as this chart by Marzi, @introvertdoodles shows, there are a lot more than that.

Here are just a few of the comments on Marzi’s post.

I feel seen


I was Team Type K until SHE (my wife) happened. I’m still not sure if that’s good or bad 🤔😄


E and L. Omg they are free at Burger place and soo perfect to give toddler when cranky 😍


Obviously, the chart isn’t exhaustive.

I got one more (which is not me but I’ve seen it): Puts the milk in the tea before it’s finished seeping.



So Ringo Starr took a “Which Beatle Are You?” personality test and didn’t like the result much

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