A doctor’s takedown of this anti-vaxxer’s ‘measles’ post was simply clinical

Anti-vaxxer takedown of the week goes to this doctor’s response to an anti-vaxxer who went online to say this.

And just in case that’s tricky to read …

‘Would you like to accompany me on my rounds? You can tell our measles encephalitis and viral sepsis patients, the ones in comas and seizures and high fevers, that their suffering isn’t all that bad and is just being exaggerated by ‘Big Pharma’ and clueless quacks who ‘HaVenTt DoNe ThEiR rEsEaRcH’ like me.

‘You can even assist with the spinal tap! Read your favourite vaccine insert to them while they sob in fear and agony. Very cool and very fun!

‘In case you haven’t noticed my sarcasm, you’re a horrible person and possibly a sociopath. How I wish children suffering in the infectious ward could dress as ‘fake diseases’ for Halloween like the privileged idiots who put them there.’

Absolutely perfect.


Roald Dahl’s shutdown of anti-vaxxers is even more relevant today than it was 30 years ago

Source Reddit u/shampoo_and_dick