This prank with a Where’s Wally book is a work of evil genius

Blake Messick has this social media thing licked, sharing funny videos to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. His latest involves a devious prank that is basically going to drive some poor innocent out of their mind, and we have to tip our hat to him for its depravity.

It’ll make us think twice about buying a Where’s Wally – or Where’s Waldo – book for anyone. Anyone we like.


my idea of a perfect crime? I’ll show you. #checkyourvibe #whereswaldo #fyp #foryoupage #xyzbca

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Here’s how TikTok users have been reacting to the perfect crime.

At least one person felt bad for the recipient.

But think how great they’ll feel when they see the video.


This guy’s been pranking his dad and it’s a very funny play in 4 acts

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