This bride’s fury at the niece who felt unable to make her wedding cake is off the scale

Never do business with friends and family, as the old saying goes, although we’re not entirely sure if baking a cake for your aunt’s wedding counts as a business transaction.

But the aunt’s response to this woman who felt she was less than qualified for the job suggests she dodged a bullet right here because her fury was something to behold.

The aunt, needless to say, wanted to get the cake for free, and the target of her ire shared the subsequent exchange on Reddit.

‘My crazy aunt expected me to bake her wedding cake, make her dresses and do her seating plan. (Spoilers: I didn’t),’ began fishbebrave.

And this is how it played out.

Imagine if she’d made it and she didn’t like it …

‘She would have cried and said you ruined the cake if you baked it. I would never speak to her again.’ spaceguyy

‘I’m assuming you’re pretty young since she mentioned university. Why would you ask for a wedding cake or dress alterations from someone that has no experience in super important things and then make fun of them?’ Starfire27

‘Easy answer: Shes doesn’t want to pay someone to do it, and if it comes out bad she can just push all the blame on OP instead of admitting it was her own selfish ass who wouldn’t just pay for a professional.’ IdioticQuail


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