This busker caused an unexpected outbreak of joy on the London Underground

It sometimes feels as though the UK has been miserable forever, and it’s certainly been grumpy for the last three or four years, so when commuters spontaneously joined in with busker Wilfy Williams at Leicester Square station, it was particularly joyous.

There may have been some health and safety issues, but it still looks like the best day the Underground has ever seen.

Author and musician, Giles Paley-Phillips spotted the uplifting video, and he shared it with his Twitter followers.

The clip has now been viewed almost two and a half million times on Twitter alone, with even more watching Wilfy’s Facebook video, and it’s spreading the joy across the internet.

Of course, some people noticed it was somewhat out of character for the capital city.

Someone who may or may not be photographer Mike McCartney, brother of Paul, wasn’t quite convinced that it had really happened.

Perhaps this eyewitness might have convinced him.

MP Wes Streeting learnt something about himself from his reaction to the post.

Cynicism is contagious.


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