This dad got a tattoo of his baby son’s scar so he won’t be alone with it when he grows up

This dad got a tattoo of the scar left by surgery on his baby son so that they’ll both have the same thing when he grows up.

‘Dad is gonna be a bro for life,’ writes eternalrefuge86 over on Reddit.

And it rapidly went viral and prompted lots and lots of comments.

‘I have that scar. It really has been a conversation piece. I had surgery at a month and 3 months.’ vainsandsmiling

‘Bruh my son is 2 and this just about destroyed me at work. I remember seeing something similar a few years ago and just thinking “aw man that’s nice”. Now I’m just like holy fuck I can’t handle it.’ SomebodyHelpMePles

‘Flash to the future when his son has a tiny barely visible scar. Still cool.’ Strummer95


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Source Reddit u/eternalrefuge86