The mounting fury of this guy demanding nude photos makes this a very satisfying read

There are lots of ways of dealing with people who are harassing you on the internet. And this way, shared by dfstock on Reddit, is a bit more time consuming than simply blocking someone. But it is also a lot more entertaining.

Could have gone on forever.

‘I guess that was a no.’ dfstock

‘That’s fucking great! He proclaimed loudly.’ enigmaticevil

‘Just take a moment to really appreciate the huge spike in energy consumption as his brain desperately tries to comprehend what the fuck is going on every time he gets one of these messages back. Like, really picture it, because it is just so satisfying, real chicken soup for the soul.’ Little_Orange_Dress

‘Perfection.’ mike_KING6


Jameela Jamil has the perfect response to men who ask her for nude pics (but not everyone appreciated it)

Source Reddit u/dfstock