This man’s watch is so valuable he’s literally knocked off his feet in this viral Antiques Roadshow moment

The best bit on Antiques Roadshow is always the big reveal where the expert reveals exactly how much they reckon the beloved family antique is worth.

But not many big reveals are as dramatic as this, a US Air Force veteran whose Rolex Oyster Cosmograph watch, which he bought for $345.97 in 1974, is worth a bit more these days. Quite a bit more.

The ‘Oyster’ bit means it could be worth up to $400,000 at auction, according to the expert on the American version of the show. No wonder he took a tumble.

And it got even better. Because he kept it in such a pristine condition, its value might be as high as $700,000. (He didn’t fall over again).

‘Sniper got him.’ ganymede_boy

You can watch the whole six-minute clip here.

He’s one lucky dude.

Source YouTube H/T Reddit u/AllCapsOverreaction