This man left his girlfriend at the airport after her passport expired and went on holiday without her

Relationship dilemma of the week – you are going on holiday with your partner only to turn up at the airport to discover their passport has expired.

Yours, however, is totally fine and the plane leaves in two hours. Do you go on holiday without them? This guy did, and he checked in with Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’ subReddit to make sure he’d done the right thing.

He lost our sympathy at the ‘basic skills’ bit – we’re not liking his tone – but it turns out that everyone else – well, most people – was on his side.

‘NTA [Not The Asshole]. That is incredibly frustrating, and she can’t go through life like that. It isn’t safe, I’m sure there are women who aren’t as resourceful or resilient as your mother and end up in even worse situations because they don’t have any life skills.’ Professor Emeritass

‘NTA. If she is an adult then she is, and should be, responsible for doing adult things. You even asked her well in advance to make sure her passport had at least a year on it. There was no reason you should have been “punished” for her failure to complete such a basic task by missing out on the trip. I would sit down with her and tell her exactly what you’ve said here – that you want a partner, not a child. If she is unable or unwilling to act like an adult then you are not compatible.’ vodka_philosophy

‘NTA. This isn’t some kind of intrinsic personality trait that you are expecting her to change for you, it’s just being an adult. Having said that, I would absolutely be a dead man walking if I tried to leave my GF at the airport to enjoy the holiday solo.’ QSarICL

We’re with this person (we since found out EHS stands for ‘everyone here sucks’ in case, like us, you didn’t know).

‘ESH. You write about your girlfriend like she’s some random idiot you just happen to see on occasion. You don’t seem to have much affection for her. Either self sufficiency isn’t as important to you as you claim, or you like being the smartest person in the relationship. Why are you with someone you obviously have very little respect for?’ PithyRiposte


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