This chap’s medical exam moment in front of his dad was only cringey – very cringey – years later

Over on the invariably entertaining subReddit ‘Today I Fucked Up’ comes the tale of this chap’s medical examination he had in front of his dad quite a few years ago.

It didn’t make him cringe at the time but today is a rather different matter.

And just some of the very funny comments it prompted.

‘This is the best fucking “where were you during 9/11?” stories ever…’ unsafechicken77

‘I feel like doctors who perform prostate exams are used to all the weird comments people say. Like uncomfortable jokes like “buy me dinner first”‘ squijward

‘”I’m not sure who felt more uncomfortable, my dad or the doctor who was still conducting the test.”
Definitely your dad, it’s not even close.’ winespring


This long and hilarious thread about an embarrassing medical examination has an important message

Source Reddit u/Finger_in_mah_butt Image Pixabay