This teacher’s day was ruined by accidentally calling a student by the name of their laptop

Here’s a story that made us smile today, a teacher whose day was completely ruined after accidentally calling a student by the name of their laptop.

How the hell did that happen, you may very well ask. Here’s how.

The teacher is Australian, just in case you’re thinking Lenovo isn’t exactly a common name (although we’ve no idea if it’s more common over there than it is over here).

And just a few of the funny (and occasionally scary) comments it prompted on Reddit.

‘No windows ten that’s not how you use a fucking paper clip.’ David12008

‘I found out my workplace was spying on us when a manager called me by the name my phone was set on.’ Just_an_Empath

‘This sums up my social anxiety to a T. If someone mistakenly calls me Lenovo Signature, that’s now my name, I am no longer Kevin. There is no way I have the confidence to correct them lmao.’ livelylove14


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