A man asked if he was right to cut off his family after they crashed his honeymoon and the internet spoke as one

There are lots of things that can go wrong at a wedding and it’s no surprise that people are occasionally a bag of nerves/utterly terrified as the big day approaches.

But when it’s all over and you arrive at your honeymoon destination, it’s the moment you can finally, totally relax and do what you’ve been really wanting to do. Like sleep for 48 hours.

Anyway, this wasn’t an option for this poor chap, whose family surprised him by crashing his honeymoon and it’s fair to say it didn’t end well.

He was anxious, though, to consult Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’ subReddit to make sure he’d done the right thing. It turns out he need not have worried.

Here’s just a flavour of the supportive responses his post generated.

‘Congrats on your wedding. You made your boundaries clear and they aren’t respecting them. So you need to escalate unfortunately.’ CakeisaDie

‘What the fuck. A honeymoon is for the newly wedded couple to be able to spend time away, as a couple, ALONE. Your family has major boundary issues.’ 1_JustBreakup

‘I’m reading your comments and the decades of behavior you’re describing isn’t love. It’s control and obsession. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, but saying you feel guilty because they love you is doing yourself an incredible disservice. NTA [Not the Asshole] and I hope whatever choice you make will allow you to have a healthier life.’ waterwitch602


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