“Hold my hand and let’s jump off this cliff” by Brian Bilston

Brian Bilston is the much-admired unofficial Poet Laureate of Twitter. In the past, he’s shared – among many more – poems on:

The Fibonacci Sequence

Donald Trump

And the rise of Boris Johnson.

As Brexit looms, his latest piece seemed curiously apt.

Perfect. Here are a few of the many bitter-sweet reactions.

There were also these words of comfort from Rob Thomas.

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You can read more of his work in his new book, Diary of a Somebody. https://www.panmacmillan.com/authors/brian-bilston/diary-of-a-somebody/9781529005561 Other book outlets are available.


This poem by Brian Bilston says what we’re all feeling about the Daily Mail

Source Brian Bilston Image Brian Bilston, @andyjh07 on Unsplash