This 3-year-old’s Dinosaur Love Song is hilariously brutal

Musician and songwriter Tom Rosenthal‘s almost-year-old daughter, Fenn, has a glittering career ahead of her as a chip off the old block, if her recent composition ‘Dinosaurs in Love’ is anything to go by.

Update: we had previously reported her age as four, but she’s not quite there yet.

Tom gave Fenn the chance to record something in his home studio, and she freestyled like a boss.

Hear it for yourself.

“Dinosaurs eating people.
Dinosaurs in love.
Dinosaurs having a party,
They eat fruit and cucumber.

They fell in love.
They say “thank you”.
A big bang came
And they died.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs fell in love,
Buy they didn’t say “goodbyyye.”
But they didn’t say “good …bye.”

Clearly a work of genius. A brutal genius, but nonetheless.

Almost two and a half million people have heard the song since it was posted on Tuesday, and they love it.

Some people thought the song was rather reminiscent of this work by the talented Ben Cameron.

Ben added this:

We’d love to see that.

Finally, the Natural History Museum had a strong reaction, as you’d expect.

Well, they do have bones in the game.

Source Tom Rosenthal Image Ben Cameron, @leowieling on Unsplash