“This NYT correction just gets better and better”

Corrections and clarifications have long been a fairly reliable source of low-key entertainment, particularly where the error is one that clearly should never have happened.

In an article about the recently married couple, actor and playwright Kate Hammill and fellow actor Jason O’Connell, the New York Times made some careless typos …and one humongous and inexplicable mistake.

This is how they shred the corrections at the end of the article.

“Bram Stoker …not Jane Austen.”

Writer Laura Hankin spotted the fantastic correction, and her tweet of a screenshot has had over a thousand retweets in a matter of hours.

People have been buzzing off the glaring error, and these are some of the things they’ve been saying about it.

The mistake might turn out to have been quite a happy accident, if David Jón Fuller‘s prediction comes to pass.

We’d read the hell out of that.


Guardian correction of the day

Source NYT Image @romankraft on Unsplash