‘Friend is upset I won’t let him use my new car to get laid’

Similar to the maxim ‘never do business with friends’ is ‘never borrow something from friends that they really really hold close to their heart. Extension lead? Yes. Car? Probably not.’

And it was a fatal mistake that this friend made and we’re worried (not overly) that they might not be friends anymore.

‘Friend is upset I won’t let him use my new car to get laid,’ wrote iGuessImBad on Reddit.

And the verdict was pretty much unanimous.

‘Man I love my friends to death but I would never let them borrow my car if it wasn’t an emergency. On the reverse I would feel so embarrassed asking my boy to borrow his car to make self look better.
Your friend needs to step his shit up.’ PooShauchun

‘It’s always good to start a first date with lies and say “whip” a lot.’ beardsandwiches

‘My dad instilled in me the belief early on that you should never loan your car to someone unless you can handle them destroying it.’ PM_ME_UR_NETFLIX_REC


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Source Reddit u/iGuessImBad