This bad sex award nominee went viral and it’s truly the best bad sex we’ve read

The Literary Review’s Bad Sex award has been going for some time now and was founded to draw attention to “the poorly written, redundant, or downright cringeworthy passages of sexual description in modern fiction”.

We only mention this because a nominee from 2014 has suddenly gone viral all over again and it really is the best bad sex we’ve ever read.

The worst thing about it might be that it didn’t actually win.

It went viral after it was shared by @EffiMai on Twitter and, well, have a read of this.

Author Jonathan Grimwood wasn’t happy about being nominated, however, and the good news about his extraordinary prose is it did give rise to the greatest headline ever.

And just a few of the things people were saying about it on Twitter.


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Source Twitter @EffiMai Image Pixabay