This woman’s fed up with her husband reading his phone on the loo and her solution is 10/10

It’s a delicate topic how long each one of us spends on the loo and you might reasonably say that it’s none of our business.

But one thing’s for sure – we spend a lot more time on the throne if we’ve got a phone to read while we’re there.

But it can be frustrating, especially if you’re a busy parent and your partner keeps disappearing for long periods of time.

This woman couldn’t take it anymore and her solution was next level stuff.

She was anxious she might be doing the wrong thing so she asked Reddit’s ‘Am I The Asshole’ subReddit to double check, and it turns out she need not have worried.

Seems more than reasonable to us, especially as he still gets a frankly generous 10 minute window at the start.

And here’s just a flavour of the many responses it generated.

‘NTA [Not the Asshole]. He got busted hiding in the bathroom to avoid parenting. If turning off the wifi works, do it.’ digaf123

‘NTA. What kind of a man fucks around on the internet while his baby screams and cries? He deserves it.’ disregardable

‘NTA. I’m getting angry just reading about his shitty behavior.’ Weswh0gg


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