Piers Morgan trolled Dan Walker’s Boris Johnson interview and the BBC man had the perfect response

Piers Morgan has been trying to get an interview with Boris Johnson for some time now. Remember when the so-called prime minister hid in a fridge rather than talk to him on Good Morning Britain?

So he was naturally not entirely chuffed when Johnson turned up to be interviewed by his deadly rival Dan Walker on BBC1’s Breakfast.

So much so that Morgan took time out from criticising Meghan Markle to have a go at Walker’s interviewing style on Twitter.

‘🤣🤣Mate, you’re now Boris’s go-to guy for cuddly fireside government propaganda chats. He hides in fridges from us for a reason – we’d ask him difficult questions.’

And we’re glad he did because Walker’s response was just perfect.



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Images screengrabs BBC/ITV