An ‘influencer’ wanted this jeweller to make her 60 necklaces for free and their response was sparkling

A woman called Bethany (@_Double_Treble_ on Twitter) went viral after she shared this exchange with a so-called influencer on Instagram who got in touch to ask if she could make some necklaces.

Not just a few but 50 – actually, make that 60 – in return not for cash, obviously, but, you know, ‘exposure’, that kind of thing.

And they got entirely the response they deserved.

‘In what universe do people think this is okay??,’ said Bethany.

‘I would’ve been willing to work with her on a couple necklaces. But 60?? For free?? I have no words. Please don’t ever message an artist/creator with something like this. This should never happen.’





And here are just some of the responses it prompted on Twitter.


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Source Twitter Image Pixabay