You can’t fault the logic in this young boy’s schoolwork

Kids have an ability to cut through all the waffle to the things that are really important, like getting an extra half hour out of bed by suddenly remembering what happened in school, or sneaking the carrots onto someone else’s plate and getting to pudding sooner.

Redditor u/Oufiee shared a photo of some schoolwork done by their friend’s nephew, and we can’t help feeling he’s focused on the heart of the matter.

Some people are just careless.

Here’s what Reddit users have been saying about the boy’s insight.

So where do you want to go next? I was thinking about ma- omigod I left my phone at the bar.


Glad his logic skills are strong as his spelling game needs serious work.


That kid will be my boss one day lol


I hate questions like that. Obviously, she goes and gets her purse, but there are so many steps in that process and they are all the correct answer.

Put up her shoes.

Gets dressed.

Drive to the store

Puts her makeup on.

X-off cancelling credit cards.

Call someone and tell them the good news.


It’s obvious, this child lacks the grammar and spelling capabilities to properly demonst…

ok, it’s funny.


Someone named KUYgKygfkuyFkuFkUYF wasn’t convinced.

If she lost her purse how did she receive the call to her cell phone? It was a trick question to begin with you little shit, F-

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