The only six reactions you need to Ann Widdecombe’s rant about freedom of movement

As the UK is on the verge of leaving the EU, it seems likely that the remaining MEPs might be counting the days until they no longer have to deal with the Brexit Party. This clip of Ann Widdecombe shows why.

The Dutch MEP, Sophie in t’Veld‘s grasp of the British electoral system seemed pretty much on the nose, which might be why it clearly aggravated Miss Widdecombe.

David Lammy was very keen for the EU to be aware that he and many more in the UK weren’t on the same page as the Brexit Party.

He wasn’t the only person with something to say about Ann Widdecombe. These six reactions encompass the range of criticism – not including the comments too vitriolic to include.







Writer Otto English shared an anecdote that beautifully demonstrates Ann Widdecombe’s position on the left to right scale.

So, just a smidgen right of centre then.

from Phoebe Waller Bridge GIFs via Gfycat

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