A choosing beggar gave a comic shop a bad review for not condoning illegal downloads

We’ve seen some genuinely spurious bad reviews, but this one shared on the r/choosingbeggars subreddit just about takes the biscuit.

As the poster, u/Felipegarza so aptly titled the review,

Comic Store Employee won’t help me pick out a book that I want to pirate later.

Which serves as a tl;dr.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users weren’t impressed with the unreasonable “customer”.

I know right? I don’t know why some people find it so hard to understand that if you’re not paying the asked price for a business’s goods and services you are not, in fact, « a customer » and are therefore not entitled to any kind of service.


This jerk told me to quit breaking the law and hurting his profits because I think I’m special and should get people’s hard work for free. He wouldn’t even help me find stuff to not buy. Total douche.


That’s like getting mad at a Walmart employee for not helping you steal Oreos


And then when all the comic book shops go under and no one is buying comic books, they stop making them. Then they can complain about not having anything to pirate.


Finally, this comment was about a very similar incident in a book shop.

I work in a bookstore. My coworker had a customer ask for help finding a book with only partial information. She found it in 15 minutes, with very few clues to go on! The customer’s wife promptly pulled out her phone and bought it on Amazon, and then asked for help finding another title.

She was shocked, SHOCKED, that my coworker refused to help her shop from our competitor. The original customer was mortified and did buy another book, but WHAT THE FUCK. Don’t showroom, people.

Now, where are those Oreos?


Source Reddit Image Reddit, @martijnbaudoin on Unsplash