The size of this “large” fern is a hilarious reminder to ask for proper details

Small, medium and large are only relative terms. A small glass of wine is very different to a small cappuccino, unless you’re kidding yourself.

So, when Riley Leight agreed to buy a “large” fern, they didn’t have a clue what they were letting themself in for.

Riley’s tweet went viral, picking up 52,000 retweets in a day, and the follow-up tweets were in no way a disappointment.

A lot of people had thoughts …

Someone thought Riley might as well admit defeat and allow the eviction to happen quietly.

…or just give Fernadette her own room.

With a certain inevitability, this happened.

All that remains is for the plant to get its own social media accounts and we’re very much here for that.

Source @RileyRLeight Image @RileyRLeight