The Jezebel site got murdered with words – their own words

The Jezebel website and social media accounts are framed as being content for women, and they describe themselves as “Supposedly a feminist website” on their homepage.

They recently attracted some serious criticism for posting this:

The article contained charming lines, such as

“Look at that thing. Do you think it moves when the wind hits it? I’m gonna barf.”

These are a couple of examples of the criticism they received on Twitter.

But the outright winner of the Putting Jezebel in its Place competition was this …

The superb own was so good, it made its way onto the r/murderedbywords subreddit, where Redditors added these comments.

Yeah honestly screw Jezebel. It’s a corporate entity with articles written by trust fund kids, co-opting Feminism. It’s mean and lazy writing.


I don’t even know the guy, and they make an article about his goatee. I even like it tbh, isn’t it a matter of opinion?

Someone got paid to write this instead of making a respectable article… I kinda wish it was illegal.


Yeah but we’re boys, we’re soulless and don’t have feelings…Ugh…


Reddit user bxxgeyman had this depressing addition to the discussion.

Imagine expecting any company or corporation to have integrity in 2020

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Source Reddit Image Jezebel, Paramount (Fair use)