‘The things you deal with as a waiter’

‘The things you deal with as a waiter,’ says nickbossbat over on Reddit.

And it struck a chord with waiters (and parents) alike.

verrine98: ‘Lmao I am a server at a sushi bar and I had one parent tell me “My son doesn’t eat fish, seafood, chicken, veggies and beef.” I just answered: “So just rice then?” What kind of parent does that to their kid lol.’

Liithonen: ‘I never took my kid out dining during the “terrible threes” but this would’ve been me if I’d done it.’

TehPinkMenace: ‘I once had someone order a side salad to go where I worked and a default side salad comes with lettuce onion tomato croutons and parmesan. The ticket read: Side salad remove croutons lettuce tomato onion. I literally put two small packets of parm in a small to go box and the person never called back or complained about it. They paid $4.99 for 2 small packs of parm. When they could have just asked for it for free. I dont fucking understand people.’

allgreentome: ‘I work in a restaurant at the airport. About once a year I think “You still have time, you could meet a woman and have a kid.” Then Christmas comes and families take over for a couple weeks, and I’m cured.’

mommybananas: ‘Did the dad say the out loud in front of his party of 4? Or did the waiter add that?’

MalachiteCobra: ‘Definitely the waiter lol.’


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Source Reddit u/nickbossbat