The rules for joining this 5-a-side football team went viral because they are hilariously OTT

It’s not the physical activity that stops us doing more sport these days – well, it is a bit – but it’s also all the nonsense that tends to come with joining a football or cricket (or golf!) club.

The rules and regulations, the politics, all that kinda stuff. And it doesn’t get more nonsensical than this.

A chap called Martin over on Twitter enquired about joining a 5-a-side football team and was so amazed by the 14-page book of rules and regulations that came with it he felt compelled to share it with the rest of the world.

And it’s fair to say it went viral, wildly viral.

Not everyone believed it was true but it was still very funny and entirely relatable.


You won’t see a worse (or more comical) 19 seconds of football all season

Source Twitter @NewAgeBoxingUK Image Pixabay