This clip of Ross Kemp facing down a guy who pulled a gun on him is jaw-dropping stuff

You might have seen the Ross Kemp clip that’s gone viral after the former EastEnder tried Spice in his new prison documentary for ITV.

The clip prompted composer, musician and all-round Twitter good guy @MrNickHarvey to share another clip from 5 years ago which he reckons is even more extraordinary. And he reckons right.

We take it all back, Ross, we really do.

Kemp later said of the incident, which featured in his – Google, Google – Extreme World documentary series:

“You know if you get down on your hands and knees, you’re going to become a victim. What they’re going to do… you just don’t know. I don’t know to this day if they were going to hurt us. Or if they were just testing us, testing our mettle to see if we’d capitulate, and because we didn’t, we earned respect I think.”

Although some people still didn’t believe it.

Tough crowd. Not as tough as Kemp though.


People are enjoying watching Ross Kemp try Spice in his new ITV documentary

Source @MrNickHarvey