If you read only one Daily Mail reader comment about Harry and Meghan, make it this one

If you only read one Daily Mail reader comment about this whole Harry and Meghan business – and why would you possibly want to read more than one? – then make it this one, highlighted by @BestoftheMail on Twitter.

And just in case that’s tricky to read …

‘What happened? I will tell you what happened, his wife from the moment she met him thought H was going to be King one day and that was the reason she agreed to marry him as she thought she would one day have the title Queen.

‘Americans like her who work in the industry she has worked in are notorious up one’s backside as well as being a little bit dim. It would not surprise me that she did not realise H was not going to be a King until after the marriage.

‘Think about it for a moment all the problems began after the honeymoon period, the rift with Kate, was this the moment they were talking and she let slip that one day she would be a Queen and Kate told her, well NO that will be me actually. It would explain the sudden rift between the brothers.’

Yes, think about it for a moment, why don’t you.


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