A worker ruined her excuse for being late by sending a picture

If you must tell a lie, keep it simple – “I had car trouble” is always going to sound more convincing than “I couldn’t get into my car because a lorry skidded off the roundabout and tipped a ton of manure onto it.”

One woman reporting late for work started off well, but ruined it by adding unnecessary detail.

The unconvincing image aroused suspicions, and the smallest amount of digging struck gold.

People were amused by the efforts of the tardy worker.

Some were a little more concerned with @sydneyywhitson grassing her up to the internet.

In case you were considering pulling the same stunt, here are a few better excuse photos donated by the helpful people of Twitter.

Source @sydneyywhitson Image @sidneyywhitson, @proxyclick on Unsplash

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