‘Most accurate Tinder bio I have ever read’

We’ve seen lots of funny (and occasionally frightening) Tinder bios, but this might be the most honest.

It was shared on Reddit by rootinuti611 who’ said it was ‘the most accurate [Tinder] bio I have read’.

Yep, sounds about right.

paulthree: ‘This is so so real… I’m this guy and have others that are “that girl” on my IG to this day I’m like “wow what a thing…”’

drewhead118: ‘I feel like exactly this is like 10% of my instagram feed now and it’s only slowly growing. Soon the tinder connections will drown out the middle school friends, and then comes the high school friends, and once it passes the college friend threshhold it’s all over for me… a total dissolution of self into the dating verse. Ego death by a thousand swipes. Who can say what phoenix would emerge from such ashes?’


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Source Reddit u/rootinuti611