This amusement park operator freaks out an already terrified guy before launch and it’s cruelly funny

This guy was clearly terrified by the prospect of the fairground ride he had just been strapped into and made it clear in no uncertain terms that he’d rather get off, please.

So did the amusement operator press the ‘stop’ button and let him clamber off to terra firma? No, of course he didn’t. He did this, an epic practical joke that is both cruel and very funny.

Amusement Park Operator Freaks Out An Already Terrified Guy Before Launch from r/PublicFreakout

But the joke was on the operator because he later sued the amusement park and closed it down. No, he didn’t. Don’t think so, anyway.

mixamaxim: ‘Dude seriously short circuited his brain… yikes.’

Dirtchute_Rodeo: ‘Full on praying mantis.’

kara_of_loathing: ‘I feel bad for him, though.’

SociableIntrovert: ‘Yea. First thing out of my mouth was, “Oh, poor guy.” There’s “Fun Fear” and then there’s “Fear Fear.” This looks like “Fear Fear.”‘

Spakken9000: ‘Mommmmmaaaaaa.’

agc83: ‘… just killed a man.’

While we’re doing fairground rides, enjoy this catch of the century.

And this unfortunate incident with a pigeon.


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Source Reddit u/akarim5847